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Born and raised in Hell's Kitchen, New York City, Regina safeguards a deep, personal passion for her city and all of its history. She holds a PhD in Urban Education, a Master's Degree in African American Studies, as well as a couple of other graduate degrees. As an academic and writer, she is always drawn to creative projects, whether she is writing or assisting creators as they build their dream projects. An adoration for makery, artisan, made up, sometimes magical and activist, braids together her literary interests with work that is socially just and culturally responsive. 


When she’s not tinkering with client manuscripts, teaching, reading, hunting through library shelves, and used bookstores, and/or writing, she can be found working on various art projects and thinking about all of the above.

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She is currently ONLY open to Middle Grade and Young Adult Graphic Novels that address diverse stories and themes that haven't been done before or projects that address BIPOC coming-of-age experiences. YA Rom Com Graphic Novels are also welcome.  

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  • Academic projects dealing with African American Studies, Social Justice, Environmental Justice, Climate Change and Activism. These projects should have a slight commercial bend and be of interest to both the traditional and organic intellectual. If you can reach the people and move them with your words and your ideas while piquing interest and inspiring plans of action, please send.

  • She is also interested in seeing books about urban farming, land-healing/healing of the land, growing food in thoughtful and productive ways (guides, how-tos, and authentically researched/lived experience food and farming books).

  • Also in Non-Fiction, Regina loves books about wellness (think apothecaries and cultural studies). Please do send her cookbooks from far away places filled with food that is layered in international history and held strong by your solid platform for marketing said cookbook.  

  • Regina would love to see MG and YA activism-related books and nonfiction books about nature/animals that are thoroughly researched and teach her something new that you are excited about. She would love to see Nonfiction projects that give young people the tools to advocate for their communities and the larger society's call for youth activism. 


  • Tar Beach (anything by Faith Ringgold)

  • This Was Our Pact (Ryan Andrews) 

  • The Autobiography of Malcolm X

  • Pedagogy of the Oppressed (Paulo Freire

  • The Best of Simple (Langston Hughes)

  • Their Eyes Were Watching God (anything by Zora Neale Hurston)

  • The Color Purple (anything by Alice Walker)

  • Coffee Will Make You Black (April Sinclair)

  • Tehran at Twilight (Salar Abdoh)

  • Afterlife (Julia Alvarez)

  • Dominicana (Angie Cruz)

  • Chronicles of Narnia

  • Nilda (Nicholasa Mohr)

  • Forever (Judy Blume)

  • Frizzy by Claribel Ortega

  • Black is Brown is Tan

  • Little Bear Else Holmelund Minarik 

  • Miss Quinces by Kat Fajardo


  • South Asian coming-of-age graphic novel.  

  • A BIPOC activist guide with reliable and feasible solutions written by BIPOC youth.

  • Urban/People's version of Braiding Sweetgrass / Silent Spring.

  • Gorgeous Cookbooks from Far Away Places with recipes that an average, curious person can replicate.

  • Ledisi, Jill Scott, Axl Rose, Eddie Vedder or Chris Stapleton's memoir or poetry collection. 

  • Regina is not open to adult fiction at this time and not open to any other areas of KidLit (outside of the above) at this time. Please do not send work in these areas.

  • Please do not send hard crime or spy thrillers, blatant and graphic violence against women and children. No fantasy or dark magic and/or heavy-handed horror or Science Fiction. Board book projects are also a definite pass. 

  • All queries will receive a form response unless material has been specifically requested

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