Born and raised in Hells Kitchen, New York City, Regina safeguards a deep, personal passion for her city and all of its history. She holds a PhD in Urban Education, a Master's Degree in African American Studies, as well as, a couple of other graduate degrees in the humanities.


All of this continues to amplify her love of literature, bookstores, libraries, and really anything that has to do with books overall. As an academic and writer, she is always drawn to creative projects whether she is designing them for her own work or assisting creators to build them out into real projects. This adoration for all things makery and artisanal also reminds her of the work by women’s hands and so she tries often to braid together this with what is socially-just.


When she’s not editing, teaching, reading, and/or writing, she can be found alongside her children, among the trees of redwood arboretums in search of Jack Skellington.

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She is currently open to Middle Grade and Young Adult graphic novels that are fun and interesting and actively looking for these types of projects that deal specifically with coming of age experiences or something very interesting like This Was Our Pact. Rom Com graphic novels in Young Adult are also welcome. 

She is open to limited picture book projects by BIPOC author-illustrators only. Please do not send her any rhyming manuscripts. She would really like to see picture books that deal with diverse cultures, people, and experiences. 


While not open to YA prose/novels, she would like to see MG or YA novels in prose from BIPOC creators that deal with international issues and cultures. 

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  • She is only looking for historical projects that deal with Caribbean and American slaves and their narratives.​

  • She loves a solid book about wellness (think herbs and aromatherapy), cookbooks that have a fresh take and a solid platform. She also loves work around social justice issues and matters that are contemporary and where the author has some agency around solutions and critical ideas about how a particular social injustice could be examined and possibly rehabilitated. Think: Stay Woke: A People's Guide to Making All Black Lives Matter and Braiding Sweetgrass.​

  • At this time she is not looking for adult fiction EXCEPT for a BIPOC Rom - Com a la Terry McMillan.

  • She is not looking for fantasy of any kind


  • Souls of Black Folk 

  • Their Eyes Were Watching God

  • Pedagogy of the Oppressed

  • The Color Purple

  • Tehran at Twilight 

  • Nilda

  • Afterlife (Julia Alavrez)

  • Black is Brown is Tan 

  • Anything by Faith Ringgold

  • This Was Our Pact


  • Miss Quinces

  • This Was Our Pact

  • Allergic

  • The Love and Lies of Rukhsana Ali

  • Gorgeous Cookbooks from Far Away Places

  • No’s for her would be hard crime or spy thrillers, blatant and graphic violence against women and children. No fantasy or dark magic and/or heavy-handed horror. Board book projects are also a definite pass.

  • All queries will receive a form response unless material has been specifically requested